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Let Us Maintain Your Outdoor Areas

Enjoy a beautiful, well-manicured lawn with help from 4 Seasons Lawn Care Inc. We do everything to keep your grass, flower beds, and other areas of your property in excellent condition. Our list of services includes:

• Mowing
• Mulching
• Edging
• Lawn Installation
• Lawn Repair
• Planting
• Shrub Pruning
• Landscape Lighting
• Landscape Removal
• Small Tree Topping
• Small Tree Removal
• Irrigation
• Gutter Cleaning
• Yard Cleanups

*Don't see a specific service listed above? Chances are we still offer it; contact us to learn more.

Regular Mowing for a Well-Maintained Lawn

Mowing is a key service that we offer. Our mowing crews mow on a weekly basis, from mid-March through November, depending on the weather. Having your lawn mowed on a regular basis not only keeps your grass healthy and strong, but also boosts curb appeal, making a great impression on neighbors and friends.

Contact us to have your lawn mowed, and we will give you an estimate and set up an appointment to discuss your lawn-mowing program.

Keep Your Flower Beds Free of Weeds

Adding mulch to your flower beds improves the health of the soil and beautifies the appearance of your landscaping. Cover garden beds with a layer of mulch to prevent weeds and reduce the need for water. Annual weed seeds are less likely to sprout when the soul is covered with enough mulch to keep the soil surface in the dark.

When it comes to water, even a thin layer of mulch will reduce evaporation from the soil surface. Thicker mulches can reduce water use by as much as 50%.

Clean Flower Bed

Choose the Right Mulch for Your Garden

Mulches vary in their appearance, makeup, and texture. All of these aspects influence how you use them. The following are some examples:

Varying Appearances: For a soothing, natural-looking garden, use dark-colored organic mulches made of bark or compost. For a brilliant-looking garden, consider a mulch of bright gravel. In utilitarian gardens, such as vegetable gardens, straw makes an excellent mulch. Avoid colored mulch or beauty bark.

Soil Improvement: This calls for the use of organic mulches that break down to add organic matter to the soil.

Texture: For maximum effectiveness with only a thin layer of mulch, look for fine-textured mulches, such as twice-shredded bark, compost, or cocoa hulls. For an airy mulch, try thicker layers of coarse-textured mulches, such as straw or bark chunks.